Personality Development Course

The endeavor of Smart Shrubs is to provide your child with an opportunity and a dedicated platform to develop holistically.

While the formal education in school will provide the learning on traditional subjects, we will provide the extra edge that shall take your child miles ahead of his/her peers. At Smart Shrubs, the sessions will be focused on helping each child to embark on a journey of self and environment awareness. If you recall, when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave his first interview in front of media, he accepted being very nervous!

In the presence of expert facilitators, different areas will be addressed and opportunities will be given to each child to reach the conclusions by herself/himself. This will help you child broaden his/her mind, thinking capacities and acceptance. We aim to help your child identify and bridge the gap between real self and an ideal self concept. This is turn will help in your child’s personality development

Most of the sessions of the personality development course will be based on Constructionist approach–a school of thought in education and child psychology.

Duration & Group Size:

One month Program

Session:     1.5 hours per session

Timings:  We understand that kids have a hectic routine while their schools are going on…Thus we provide you with flexibility to choose the batch timings that suit you the best–of course it also depends upon whether the batch formed is of the particular age group!


Each group will have at least 5 and at most 12 children so that we can provide individual attention to each child and focus on the most concerned areas.

Each session of the personality development course is designed to cover a particular concept through various exercises, role-plays, talks, discussions and presentations. At the end of each session, there will be dedicated time for addressing any queries that your child might have. These queries in turn will be taken as batch discussions and answers will be reached together.


Following modules will be covered in the personality development course: Analyze

Each area will be addressed by mode of different exercises, role plays, facilitated discussions and talks.

The course fee includes all the materials, rewards, website and hosting for first year.

We emphasize on individual attention and development, thus batch size does not exceed 12 participants. Contact us for registrations at preferred timings. 

Please reach out to us in case of any queries. We will be happy to provide answers to your questions.

Psychometric Testing:

Each child can also be provided with a standardized and widely used psychometric test (exclusive of the course fee), MBTI, 16 PF, FIRO-B, TAT,  Famous Fingers. Famous Fingers is a globally used psychometric test with its principles lying in the biofeedback and understanding the genetic mark ups of individuals. It will help identify the capabilities, interests and areas where your child will excel the most and further training areas.

At SmartShrubs we understand that only a psychometric test is not enough, thus with the report we also provide a counselling session based on the results of the test to help you have a deeper understanding. To know more about these tests, please reach out to us.