Choosing the right career

This is the time, when teens who have just taken their tenth standard examinations are contemplating what ‘stream’ to choose. Parents are equally anxious because they want to take the best decision for their kids. Kids are anxious because suddenly there is too much pressure to choose the right ‘stream’ or combination of subjects because more or less our school education system is as such that they are bound to take the ‘right’ decision which sort of acts as a defining moment for their careers. What if I say this is a WRONG attitude. career

Well not to point the fallacies in the education system–it has ‘produced’ experts in all fields, be it engineering, medicine, even music. But what is common between a successful person in any field and an above average or an average career growth?????? Let me talk about two words–Grit and Skills.

First GRIT–Passion to follow something might seem odd at first to many kids and parents. But thats the biggest key today. If you are not interested in some field, if you do not have the GRIT to follow your long term goals with the perseverance it requires, if you do not have the mental strength to deal with failures and learn from both successes and losses, then no matter how talented you are an ‘A’ grader, you will not be able to put in your hundred percent. A Growth Mindset is important. So parents have to develop grit to make their children grittier.

Secondly SKILLS–Lets say one has the grit, but is not a top performer. A kid wants to follow art–be it music, painting, or anything. But does not have the skills of a musician or a stage actor or a painter. But let me ask you another question here–remember the last time you wanted to learn something as an employee in office and you spent hours undergoing training or for a child, remember your parents wanted you to learn taekwondo and you had to go for classes, whether you wanted to or not? In the end you did learn SOMETHING if not everything.

Now combine both. GRIT and SKILLS. Grit can be developed. At Smart Shrubs, we help participants identify their interests, strengths, and not let their weak areas become hurdles. At the same time, we also identify for each participant, what is their skill level in different areas through different training modules. When we combine both, we get a balanced idea about their biggest potential areas.

In the end, we all want to be happy. Happy in our personal lives, happy in our professional lives and be successful and have the fame that we all deserve and can achieve. We also want to do something creative and innovative which provides us the name in the industry and an intrinsic satisfaction that we are capable of something. But this success comes when we are self aware. And like these all are connected, this self awareness MUST be developed from early years, so that we make responsible decisions and more correct choices. Happiness and Success is what we wish our kids and for ourselves. So lets take a step towards it.