Growth Mindset

IQ is not the only measure of intelligence. Many parents, kids, teachers and researchers often question what factors make a difference between success and failure? Is intelligence or environment or a combination of both the only direct causes or is there anything else? growth mindset

While this question will always attract more research, Growth Mindset, as postulated by Carol Dweck, is an important factor along with IQ and environment. It is also important to have grit for long term goals and perseverance to not be let down by failures, but learn from them and continue towards success. Successful children are not always more intelligence, but also more grittier and have an inclination towards achievement. High need for achievement can be a trait that can affect a kid’s growth mindset. According to Dweck, children who are skills oriented or mastery oriented focus on learning strategies and effects in the face of failure instead of trying to prove how smart they are. This helps them build the right mindset to achieve the set skills and be more able over time. By right mindset, one means that kids do not take failures as set backs but as learning opportunities.

The right mindset is also the cause and effect of happiness and optimism. Value learning is important. In our education system, too much emphasis is put on grades or ‘obtained marks’ because they help choose a career path. But while one is surrounded by choices, the right choice is the one that makes a child put in sustained efforts over time, to face and like the challenges in the respective field and put emphasis on learning. It is important to have a balance between grades and value learning and challenges.

Thus motivation becomes a very important contributor to growth mindset, grit and thus success. Many successful people were born ordinary but were extraordinarily motivated to achieve the set goals along with the love for learning and challenges. It is important to gift children with motivation to become achievers in the long run.