The journey so far!

SmartShrubs is a wonderful journey that the I and the participants take together.

When I start the day with my first batch and meet kids, they are full of enthusiasm and ready for imbibing more skills. Can you ever stop children from learning more and more? The answer is never.  Gradually, they are becoming more aware about their environment. Through tasks that require them to observe, assume and interpret, they are getting to know the world better. Every second of the day, first consciously and then unconsciously, they are absorbing.

It is so satisfactory to see them grow. To be able to make a contribution and see how they are evolving. The first day when they came for the very first class, to the loud laughter and fun they have, and deep down inside they know that they are gaining something and becoming more skilled. The difference I see in their communication patterns between the first day and end of the second week is remarkable! For honesty sakes, I never imagined that they would imbibe so fast.

A mix of exercises–role plays, discussions, debates over topics that would just push them to imagine and create, the rewards to keep them motivated–these are sessions that they look forward to!

Children are much aware nowadays in comparisons to previous generations. Every day, they decide for themselves, from the given choices, what would they like to learn today! And wow! the list is both amazing and satisfactory!

The best part–when participants just never look at their watches and just want the sessions to go on and on and in the end when they ask me to extend the time! This is when I know, that they are following the rule “Never make classes boring” and they truly are enjoying what they are learning.