Media and Technology

Psychologically managing media and technology to add to mind development

Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly active users; Google has 40,000 search queries every second on average & More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. Any person’s universe is full of information. In fact there is a slang for it ‘TMI’ referring to ‘too much information’.  We all suffer from it. And when I say suffer, it is about the plethora of choices we have all the time, thus the possibilities and therefore the decision making process that we are engaged in constantly. Of course, with each choice one makes and each possibility one explores, there comes the consequences and thus the responsibility.

So what do we do with ‘too much information’ (TMI) that surrounds pre-adolescents and adolescents? Rather what should they do with so much information? There are various perspectives. Some parents believe that their children should be made aware and ‘tech savy’ right from the beginning and on the other extreme, some parents believe that it shells their kid’s innocence and make them distracted. Media and technology have their own pros and cons like everything else that surrounds you. The awareness lies in building a balance. The way media and technologychild experiences content through media and technology is completely different than an adult, since a child’s brain is developing rapidly.

Media and technology, when used in the right way can help develop your child. I’m sure you all must have come across an advertisement lately which emphasizes booking of a of your child’s name. This is something we have been doing as a part of Smart Shrubs programme since beginning. We give each child their own name domain name with a website and hosting. Now move fifteen year in future…your child will have own name (or the most appropriate matched name) website, which would be fifteen years old, will have trust factor attached to it. Your child will finally stand out in the crowd and come as the first search result on any search engine tool. That is about having an own name domain name.

Let’s say, you have one. Then what? It becomes important to keep updating it. In this comes into play writing. Most people nowadays prefer reading a kindle edition and the paperbacks and hard cover paper books are losing their shine. I personally still love reading a paperback instead of a kindle edition!

Technology that is not passive but actively engages a child’s brain in a positive manner is good technology. Of course, there is violence at times that a child watches and sometimes even some of the cartoon shows they watch can be violent. Children need real time social interactions—more than the time they spend passively with a gadget or watching television shows. Parents play an active role in this. Thus as parents, make your child aware about the part media and technology plays in their future and at the same time keep it neutral.  The more you try to stop your child, the more the curious minds will want to know. Thus communication helps. Build some rules around it and most importantly, make your children aware. You will be amazed how easily children understand perspectives and things that you want to explain to them. In the end, just have an open door policy so that kids and neither do you build communication gaps amongst yourselves.