Smart Shrubs -Mind & Personality Development Classes in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR. Summer Workshops for kids in Indirapuram.


Smart Shrubs

Smart Shrubs is a mind and personality development course based on principles of Constructivist, Positivist and Developmental Psychology. Psychologists around the world agree on the fact that facilitating learning and acquisition of concepts at the right age has tremendous impact on shaping the minds and personalities of children. The formal education system is just not enough! Smart Shrubs aims at providing your child a holistic mind development, where we jointly identify a set meaningful goals based on your child’s capabilities and interests and then we develop the concepts that will best shape up their personality.

Currently, the personality development classes are being help in Delhi and Delhi/NCR.

An introduction to the programme:

Your child will get an opportunity to:

Smart Shrubs

IQ is not the only measure of intelligence. Our personality is affected by many factors in our immediate as well as secondary environment. They way we perceive, analyse, understand and form schemas about various stimuli that surround us are defined by our mind-thus in turn define our personality. So what factors contribute to our mind development? Self awareness, opinions, society, culture…and the list goes on…To add to our formal education. Smart Shrubs is just the right development course for your child to engage in and be positively impacted through practical training and development opportunity.

We use a balance of various discussions, exercises, fun and play to help children go deeper and become more aware about themselves and the environment around. Like we said, its not just a personality development course but a mind development program which is holistic and complete. It will equip your children with better thinking capacities and more creative problem solving skills, thus taking them hundred steps ahead of their peers.

The environment is competitive and stress has become a permanent bane of everyday life. Smart Shrubs equips them to deal with the stresses effectively, by enhancing the acquisition of mentioned concepts. The aim is to make them self sufficient, better at creative problem solving skills and ready to take on the world!  

So take an Action today towards holistically developing your child’s personality and mind.

For complete details of the modules and the personality development course, please visit our page “About the Programme” or reach out to us.